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Elevate your team's game with our comprehensive athlete development services. From data-driven insights in athleticism, mindset, and academics to mental performance coaching, and personal branding strategies, we empower teams to excel on and off the field.

TriScale Athlete Rating

Do you want to make sound, data-driven decisions in recruiting and/or athlete development? We have the only data-backed rating system for student-athletes, and we make it financially accessible for any budget. Athletes earn their star rating in the 3 areas college coaches need to know about them - athletically, mentally, & academically. The days of recruiting and coaching without insightful data is over! Don't be left behind.


Athletic Mindset Analysis

Athletes today excel physically, but mental strength sets them apart. It all starts with the TAP Report. The TAP measures athletic mindset and has been used by athletes & teams in more than 10 pro leagues, the NCAA, and the US Navy SEALs. The Troutwine Athletic Profile (the "TAP") is a 20-minute online assessment that scores an athlete on 13 traits tied to athletic success to establish an athlete's current mindset baseline. Discover a personalized game plan to maximize athletic potential or get an understanding of an athlete's mental game during the recruiting process.


Mental Performance & Life Skills Coaching

Transform your team's game with mental performance coaching that rewires their mental thought process. Help them learn how think and use their mind correctly. We will help build a team culture of optimizing focus, resilience, and excellence. We start with the athletic mindset analysis and let the data guide us. We aim to work with the coaching staff to build a culture of mental strength rather than solely 1-on-1 with the athletes. This is your secret weapon for athletic mastery.


Personal Branding/NIL Strategy

Regardless of your career as a coach or your athletes' recruiting and NIL ambition, one thing you must know is YOU are a brand. You must also understand there is a direct correlation between brand development and personal development. If you struggle with focus, lack direction, or an understanding of what personal branding is and how it can be leveraged in creating athletic and career success, then bring our Brand Champion program virtual on campus is for you. We remove the confusion and guesswork from branding by clearly defining what a personal brand is. We assist you in evaluating yourself through interactive self-reflection exercises and teach you best practices so that you will add value and obtain clarity around your personal brand vision. You’ll learn how to maximize your values and strengths, position yourself to create more athletic opportunities, understand your target audience, and discover online and offline tips, tools, and techniques for building Intentional relationships ...and much, more!

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