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Personalized Recruiting Plan

Get the complete road map to playing your sport in college!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 250 US dollars
  • Online Meet Up

Service Description

Our comprehensive recruiting game plan service designed to help student-athletes get recruited and play their sport in college. Our service is tailored to the needs of high school athletes who aspire to compete at the collegiate level. With our service, we provide a roadmap to guide student-athletes through the recruiting process, ensuring they are well-positioned to achieve their goals. Our service is designed by experienced coaches and recruiters who have an in-depth understanding of the college recruiting process. We provide a step-by-step plan that covers every aspect of the recruiting process, from creating a strong athletic resume and highlight video to identifying and reaching out to college coaches. We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the athlete's skills, strengths, and goals to create a personalized game plan. We then work with the athlete to create a professional athletic resume that highlights their achievements, statistics, and academic record. This resume is essential in showcasing the athlete's abilities and attracting the attention of college coaches. One of the most crucial aspects of the recruiting process is identifying and reaching out to college coaches. Our service includes a comprehensive guide on how to research and identify colleges that fit your athletic and academic profile. We also provide guidance on how to initiate contact with coaches, create a strong first impression, and maintain a positive relationship. In summary, our comprehensive recruiting game plan service is designed to provide student-athletes with the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals of playing their sport in college. With our service, athletes can rest assured that they are well-prepared and well-positioned to succeed in the highly competitive college recruiting process.

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