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About us

This is who we are and why we do what we do.

At ATHLETIC STATE OF MIND, we make lives easier for college coaches as well as the athletes (and families) they're recruiting.

We not only provide recruiting, mindset, and lifestyle optimization coaching for student-athletes, parents, high school coaches, clubs, and athletic departments, we also provide the data and athlete exposure enhancing the recruiting process for both the college coach and athlete. Our goal is to help student-athletes become more advanced by sharpening their mind and mastering their recruiting process so they can have more control over their future. We are dedicated to providing the best services to ensure the success of our clients.

Meet the Team

We do this because we needed us when we were in your shoes. We are experienced, educated, and dedicated to your rise as an athlete, parent, coach, and leader.


DJ Burns, M.Ed
  • Former D1 Athlete (Baseball, Coastal Carolina)

  • Played professionally overseas

  • Former Athletic Director

  • Master's in Counselling & Sports Psychology

  • Has worked with hundreds of athletes and multiple teams in the areas of recruiting, mental performance, mental well-being, and athlete lifestyle optimization

"I do this BECAUSE I NEEDED THIS when I was going through the recruiting process, the transition into college, and the transition into life after sports."


"DJ not only helped us navigate what to start looking for in colleges and teams but also helped Cody and our family to get our mental game stronger and deal with adversity day by day."

Joanna & Josh Rogers

"Working with DJ as my mental conditioning coach has been an incredible experience. As a college lacrosse player, I face intense pressure both on and off the field, and DJ's advice has been instrumental in helping me maintain my focus and mental toughness.

Mihkaila Mendell, Nationally Ranked Mount Olive Lacrosse

"Our family has been working with DJ for several months and the results have been awesome. We have twin boys playing 2 different sports. He supplied them with the tools they will need to develop not only their athletic ability but also their mental toughness. I would highly recommend your athlete working with DJ if you want to see them be successful." 

Mike & Jenn Dorsey



We offer expert mentorship, data-driven tools, and customized plans to help student-athletes and teams navigate the recruiting process and optimize their mindset and lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to providing the best guidance and support to help our athletes, families, and coaches reach their full potential both on and off the field. Let us help you take control of your future and become a more advanced athlete and team.

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