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College and professional roster spots have never been harder to earn. The standards are higher, and life's challenges are more complicated than ever. There is no shortage of naturally gifted athletes, but we all know by now it takes more than talent to be successful.


Today's athletes need to be mentally tough, physically strong, and have a strategic plan of attack if they want to compete at the highest levels in high school and beyond. But what does that mean for your sport? Where do you begin?  How do I stay focused, how do I overcome fear? How do I perform at a high level consistently? 


All you've been told is that it takes "hard work." But what does that really mean?


Meanwhile, Coaches are doing everything they can to find the athletes that already have the answers to these questions. As a coach, your goal is to recruit the most developed athletes mentally and physically to win but how do you find them?

If you want more clarity, confidence, and control in your athletic or coaching experience, keep scrolling.

our approach

As an athlete or coach, having a well-designed system or plan in place is crucial for achieving your goals.


A training system ensures that athletes are following a consistent and structured approach to developing their skills, building endurance, and maintaining peak performance. Coaches can monitor progress, identify areas of improvement, and adjust accordingly to optimize results. 


Following a recruiting plan is equally as important. Understanding the recruiting process is essential for athletes who are looking to take their career to the next level or coaches looking to build a competitive team. 

Without systems in place, athletes and coaches may miss out on valuable opportunities to achieve their goals and advance their careers. So, whether you're an athlete looking to improve your chances of success or a coach seeking to build a winning team, having a well-designed plan is essential for achieving success.



Enter Athletic State of Mind. We use data analysis and private coaching to give athletes and coaches/scouts the competitive edge in their respective athletic endeavors. 


We are your elite system for PLAYER EVALUATION, PLAYER DEVELOPMENT, MENATL PERFORMANCE & LIFESTYLE OPTIMIZATION serving both athletes and coaches.

solutions for athletes & coaches


Performance Testing

We offer athletes comprehensive performance testing tools that evaluate and track your physical abilities, helping you improve your skills and reach your full potential. We provide a wide range of tests that cover everything from speed and agility to strength and endurance, ensuring that you have the data you need to optimize your training and performance while giving college coaches and scouts what they need to know about you.


Mindset Assessment

Athletic success isn't just about physical abilities. College coaches and scouts want to know the mindset behind the talent – that's why we also offer cutting-edge mental assessment tools that help you understand your cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Our tests evaluate mental execution, mental toughness, composure, and more, giving you the insights you need to tailor your training, improve your overall performance, and increase your chances of getting recruited.


Recruiting Optimization

If you're looking to take your career to the next level, our recruiting optimization tools can help. We offer a powerful platform and private coaching that connects players with coaches and scouts, providing access to the best opportunities to showcase your skills and get noticed by top teams and organizations.

However, we are not just about individual players – our personalized coaching and systems also provide team development tools that help coaches optimize their training programs and gain a competitive advantage. Our analytics tools and support give coaches deep insights into their team's mindset and performance, helping them make data-driven decisions that lead to better results on the field.

our methods

We provide a holistic approach to player evaluation, player development, and recruiting serving athletes, teams, leagues, school district, coaches, and pro scouts.

Active Man

pro day testing & performance analytics

We specialize in private or group combines for athletes to test, train, and prepare for the measurements that matter most in your sport. Learn what's expected of you athletically, how to achieve better numbers, and how to market yourself to college coaches and scouts. Know where you stand and what it takes to reach your desired level of competition.

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cognitive assessment & development

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coaching, workshops, & advising

Given the brain's central role in performance, measuring and examining cognitive skills has become increasingly important to college coaches and pro scouts. Know and share your mental strengths with coaches and scouts. We can help you develop a plan to turn your current weaknesses into strengths.

Your data tells a powerful story about your commitment and growth as an athlete, but you have to know how to analyze, optimize and distribute that data to coaches and scouts. Personal coaching provides the wisdom and oversight you need to do the right thing at the right time on and off the field - the ultimate competitive advantage. 

Get to Know Us

Athletic State of Mind is a next-gen player development company on a relentless pursuit to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional capabilities of young athletes and simplify the process of getting them to the next level while simultaneously helping coaches and scouts build championship teams. Everything we do is rooted in the idea that athletes, parents, coaches, and scouts need simple solutions to complex problems.


Our focus is on leveraging data and technology, implementing scienced-back solutions and strategies, and developing dynamic relationships in sports to help athletes and coaches achieve their goals. Athletes work with us to enhance how they train, compete, and manage their career. Coaches work with us to help with talent identification, in-game decision making, and guiding their athletes' development.


The bottom line - our data and guidance help you build more clarity, confidence, and control in your athletic experience.


  • Quantify where you're at mentally and physically and chart your growth to where you need to be

  • Help you mentally, physically, emotionally, and strategically prepare for the recruiting/scouting process

  • Provide the road map to college athletics

  • Help you communicate your value to college and professional scouts

  • Provide personalized coaching for athletes to enhance mental performance, player development, and recruiting optimization


  • Improve your recruiting and signing decisions with data analytics

  • Improve your player development and performance strategies  through player evaluations

  • Provide personalized support to enhance team mental performance, talent identification, player development, and recruiting optimization for your team

  • Improve the holistic quality of athletes coming out of high school

stay organized

Athletic State of Mind
Free Daily Planner

(Undated 8.5 x 11 PDF Download)

Specifically crafted for Student-Athletes 

Calendar, Organizer, Scheduler, Productivity Tracker for Organizing Goals, Tasks, Meetings, Workouts & Assignments; Macro's & Supplement tracker, Self-Awareness tool

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