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Personalized Data-Backed Techniques and Advanced Coaching for Athletic Success. Let's go!

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athleic state of mind testimonial
5 star recruit
5 star recruit
5 star recruit
5 star recruit
5 star recruit

Michael & Jenn D.


"Our family has been working with DJ for several months and the results have been awesome. We have twin boys playing 2 different sports. DJ was able to create a program for each of them once the boys were able to establish their vision of the player they wanted to become. He supplied them with the tools they will need to develop not only their athletic ability but also their mental toughness. I would highly recommend your athlete working with DJ if you want to see them be successful." 
athetic state of mind testimonial
5 star recruit
5 star recruit
5 star recruit
5 star recruit
5 star recruit

Josh & Joanna R.


Baseball is one of the few sports where you’re literally setup to fail more times than succeed. Having the mental aspect in a good place for your athlete and your family has never been more important than starting high school and moving into college interests and beyond. DJ not only helped us navigate what to start looking for in colleges and teams but also helped Cody and our family to get our mental game stronger and deal with adversity day by day. If you want to level up and be ready for competitive baseball and be a true student-athlete, take the time with DJ and learn yourself to find your strengths to get to the next level and succeed. 
athletic state of mind testimonial
youth prospect
youth prospect
youth prospect
youth prospect
youth prospect

Mihkaila M.

College Lacrosse

"Working with DJ as my mental conditioning coach has been an incredible experience. As a college lacrosse player, I face intense pressure both on and off the field, and DJ's advice has been instrumental in helping me maintain my focus and mental toughness. His techniques, such as identity forming and end-game clarity have been transformative for my performance, and his support has helped me stay motivated and engaged."


Athletic Swimmer
Soccer Players

Are you witnessing your talented son or daughter navigate the relentless challenges of being a student-athlete? Do you see them juggling the weight of academic responsibilities, social pressures, and the demands of their athletic pursuits? It's time to empower them with the support they truly deserve.

Introducing our transformative Student-Athlete Consulting Services - the game-changer your child needs to triumph in every aspect of their journey. We understand the unique pressures and obstacles student-athletes face, and we're here to guide them towards unparalleled success and fulfillment.

Today, you hold the key to unlocking your student-athlete's unlimited potential. Don't let another day pass without taking action! Together, we'll create a tailored roadmap for your child's triumphant journey. Our team of expert consultants will walk hand-in-hand with you and your student-athlete, providing the guidance and mentorship that transforms dreams into reality.

Your child deserves every opportunity to thrive, both on and off the field. Join our community of empowered student-athletes and watch them soar to new heights of achievement and fulfillment. Don't wait. Invest in Your Student-Athlete's Success Today!

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We advise student-athletes of all levels, parents, coaches, administrators, and youth organizations on strategy and development across all facets of the student-athlete lifestyle for all sports. We harness data, experiential knowledge, and science-backed research to create and execute successful strategies for student-athlete success.


athletic state of mind offers advanced coaching and support for athletes. We partner with leaders in human performance, wellness, education and business to tackle your most important challenges and help unleash all your potential.

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Athletic State of Mind partner
Athletic State of Mind partner
Athletic State of Mind partner

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